Twisted Images

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“Twisted Images began life as a car club full of guys and girls from different backgrounds, each with different skill levels and creative talents, that were united by a love for all things automotive. Working together to apply their individual skills toward each other’s custom cars and trucks, they could achieve more than they ever would on their own.

Although the car club is no more, and the founding members have “grown up”, the name lives on through the Twisted Images website. Our goal is not only to provide custom car parts, but to offer our “skills” in the form of guidance to help people find the parts and services that suit their needs and budget appropriately and without hassle or pressure.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, every local cruise night was full of an eclectic mix of hot rods, mini trucks, lowriders, and muscle cars – the parking lot at the mall on a Friday night looked like a car show! We’d like to see that come back to the Sacramento area, and our room here at Cal Expo mirrors the wide variety of automotive tastes and styles that our scene contains. From “trailer queen” show cars to ratty street rods, everyone has their own way to express their passion for custom cars, and we love it all.”