Wild Bill's Garage

A unique collection of cars, motorcycles and the unusual

Wild Bill's AmphicarWill Bill spends all of his free time participating in car shows and races. One of his favorite local indoor shows is the Sacramento Autorama, it always attracts a large crowd. Most of the vehicles in his collection have won awards. All of these cars are still driven and enjoyed on a regular basis and not just sitting in the garage collecting dust. Bill enjoy driving all of them. Most of them are a little out of the ordinary. The Amphicar is quite an eye catcher, driving it into the lake. People really don’t believe it is also a boat. The "Short Bus" is always a blast, it stops traffic where ever it goes.

Brian Everett and Jack Rudy, two of Bill's tattoo mentors, got him started going to custom car shows, which became an obsession with him. Today his garage is full of custom show cars and bikes including the shortened 1966 Drag Racing  Volkswagen Van, 1932 Ford Phaeton, 1915 Brass and Wood Model-T Speedster, 1959 Messerschmitt made in West Germany by the airplane company, 1989 Car Hauler that’s half a front wheeled truck welded to a Car Trailer, 2002 Panoz AIV Roadster, that Bill took driving lessons from Adam Andretti in at the track. The first Panoz Esperante  (that Bill helped design) emerged out of the factory in 2005.  It has an all aluminum frame, body, motor, tranny, and wheels. A hardtop version of this won the 24 hours of Le Mans race in France last year. The vehicle collection also includes 1964 Amphicar, 2012 LINCOLN MKX, 1954 Porsche Spyder, A chromed 1966 Shovelhead (Bills owned for over 37 years) a ¾ sized old school chopper, three custom built Mini Bikes, two mini cars and a 1959 Nash Metro.

Some of Bill’s other interests include doing close-up magic (he is a member of “The International Brotherhood of Magicians” and “The Society of American Magicians”) He also collects tin toy robots from the 1940s-50s with a large collection to show for it. His passion for Auto Cross and racing his cars at the track at Laguna Seca is still strong.

More information about Bill's Garage: http://www.wild-bills.com/autoindex.htm .